Tile Cleaning, Sealing & Restoration

Tile Cleaners offers expert tile cleaning for all types of stone tiles. Our experts well understand the distinct properties of each stone tile and provide with most appropriate cleaning solutions.
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Tile Cleaning,
Sealing & Restoration

Our avant-garde techniques and tried and tested methods used in a combination with the revolutionary technology in our possession leaves no room for error. The quality of the services that we provide is matchless.

The products and techniques that we utilize are environmental friendly; on top of which, less water is consumed in the cleaning and scrubbing process if the right methods are employed. Furthermore, the products we use are children and pet-friendly.

Once we are done with cleaning and restoration, your floors will be spotless, and will showcase that dazzling new floor shine.

HIGHLY-TRAINED STAFFOur staff is fully trained in the use of cleaning and restoration equipment, as well as in product handling. They are strictly instructed to abide by the illustrious hygiene and safety standards set by the company
and by the law.
We clean and restore tiles and surfaces in all types of locations.

Services We Offer

We provide our clients with expert cleaning and restoration services that are perfect for all types of floors. Our cleaning, sealing, stripping, repair, and regrouting solutions are peerless in the market.

Outdoor Tile Cleaning

At Tile Cleaners we offer a professional outdoor tile cleaning…

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Natural Stone Restoration

Natural stone restoration is the reinstating of worn out surfaces…

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Wood Waxing

Expert wood waxing for your hardwood floors is essential for their durability….

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Anti-Slip Coating

Anti-slip coating is mainly meant to provide safety, which is something…

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Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is swiftly turning into the ultimate solution for flooring….

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Tile Repairs

When it comes to tile surface, there is nothing more unappealing than…

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

For an attractive looking tiled floor, it is important to have clean grout…..

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Tile Sealing

We offer expert tile sealing solutions for all kinds of synthetic and…

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Tile Stripping

Whether it is a commercial or a residential building, among all the cleaned surfaces…

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High-Pressure Cleaning

Any type of flooring, which is outdoor and experience high traffic such as concrete….

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What people are saying

  • From our first appointment where Tile Cleaners assessed the scope of the work needs to be done to the clean-up after completing the cleaning, we praise the way they work. They have made us to love our floors again. The tiles at my home even look better than the day they were first laid. I would also like to appreciate the work ethic of professional team members at Tile Cleaners. Thank you, you are the best and we cannot be happier by your services.

    Brian Coope
  • I never realized that with grout coloring you can a major difference in the way your entire floor look like. But I must tell you it actually does. Tile Cleaners have a very understanding, professional, considerate and competent team of experts in tile cleaning. When they worked on our tiles, it seemed as if they actually love the tiles as their own. We will recommend tile cleaners to everyone we know.

    Robert Petrovski
  • I am totally blown away by the difference in my kitchen floor after Tile Cleaners transformed the tiles and grout lines appearance. We have these years’ old tiles and the grout lines were extremely dirty. I tried every remedy but I was not been able to clean them. After they are cleaned by the Tile Cleaners, it looks like a whole brand new floor. Tile Cleaners are knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely recommend their services.

    Monica Gold
  • I am thankful to the Tile Cleaners for helping me out with my tile cleaning problem. I am very much pleased with my old floors turned all new. In fact I think my floors are even better than new ones. The Tile Cleaners have the most professional, efficient and caring tile cleaning experts I have ever worked with. I am thrilled with the result of their tile cleaning service and will happily recommend them to everyone who requires the best tile cleaning.

    Paul Williams
  • Tile Cleaners are simply terrific. They have cleaned and tinted tiles and grout lines for me at two different houses and they were able to match the tint with complete perfection with the existing tile. Tile Cleaners are extremely professional, reliable and trustworthy. I am a realtor and I will be 100% confident in recommending them to all my clients, colleagues and friends. I am absolutely sure that you will be absolutely delighted with their exceptional tile cleaning service.

    Angela McMyre
  • By far the most amazing looking tiles I have ever seen was at two of my friend’s place and they both have them cleaned by the Tile Cleaners. I was not be able to believe that someone could actually make the tile look so good by just cleaning. Therefore, I was eager to have my tile cleaning done by them and I am glad that I did. My tiles looked all new once again with a brighter and much cleaner appearance throughout.

    Kerry Smith
  • I must say that I made a really wise decision by calling the Tile Cleaners to clean the dirty tiles of my new apartment. I am totally satisfied with the work of the Tile Cleaners at our apartment. After they have cleaned, it appears as if we have completely new tile and grout lines. The work solid during the whole time they were here. I would surely recommend the Tile Cleaners to any one and believe me you will not be disappointed.

    Amanda Bonn
  • I may not have enough words to express my appreciation for the work of Tile Cleaners. They really made my tiles and grout lines appear as good as new. They were not only professional but very friendly and they were right on the time. While tile cleaning they did an exceptional job of protecting other areas and there was no mess at all left behind because they cleaned it all really well after they have finished. They also repaired some areas and delivered over and above what was needed.

    Stephen Clark
  • The team of experts from the Tile Cleaners arrived early in the morning as they committed and they continuously worked until the evening to finish the job. They even took just a brief lunch break just to deliver on time. Although I was the only person but I did not feel any need of keeping a constant eye on how the work was being done because they were already doing it in a complete professional manner.

    Anna Burtender
  • To say my experience with the Tile Cleaners was exceptional is not an overstatement at all. They are professional and highly expert in what they do and I can’t write enough to praise them. The delivered an exceptionally amazing tile cleaning service. In the end they also give me advice about the regular maintenance and right products to use in order keep my tiles as fresh as new. My guests cannot believe that I have not actually replaced my tiles.

    Olivia Rodwell
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