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We specialize in flagstone tile cleaning and restoration services, in addition to our professional cleaning solutions for multiple flooring materials, including terrazzo, porcelain, slate, etc.
Flagstone is a popular type of tile that is just as functional as it is beautiful. Often cut into irregular patterns and boasting immense natural variation, flagstone makes for a unique, stand-out flooring option for any room in your home. As its name suggests, flagstone tile originates from flagstone rock, a sedimentary rock that forms into layers which make it easy to cut into slabs. The natural variability of flagstone rock makes for a versatile selection of flagstone tiles to choose from. You will find flagstone tiles of many colors, shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and more. They can also be processed to have a smooth finish or a rougher one, depending on the desired look.

Flagstone Tile Maintenance

The practice of using flagstone rock to create flooring is nothing new–this natural tile type has been around for centuries. Because of this, we know that when left untreated, flagstone floors can become dusty, dull, and lacking in definition over time. As your trusted tile and grout experts, we’re here to help you keep yours in tip-top shape. Proper flagstone tile maintenance involves periodic deep cleaning from a professional in the field. Done properly, it can remove ground-in dirt, restore the true color of your tiles, and get rid of tough stains embedded in the layers.
Bay Area Flagstone Tile Cleaning

Caring for Flagstone

Natural stones like flagstone are relatively easy to maintain, provided they are properly sealed after their initial installation. The professional team at Tile Cleaners can help you do just that. Whether you intend to utilize flagstone inside your home or outdoors in a garden or walkway, Tile Cleaners can both install and help maintain your flagstone so it stays beautiful for years.

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