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At Tile Cleaners, we make use of the best equipment, stain removing agents and cleaning materials for stone stain removal.

Professional Stone Stain Removal by Tile Cleaners

Most natural stones are permeable and can get easily stained. Tile Cleaners offers you an effective stone stain removal service with the appropriate products, and techniques. It is always preferable to hire Tile Cleaners for professionally sealing all-natural stone surfaces with a penetrating sealer after installation to make sure the risk of staining is minimized. Maintenance of stone tiles is often overlooked. It is a very common misbelief that when a stone tile surface is laid and sealed, it does not need any further maintenance. Even if your stone surface is sealed, any spilled fluid left on the surface for more than 30 minutes will lead to a stain.

How To Remove Stains From Stone Tiles

We Deal With All Types of Stains

In case your stone tile surface, floor or wall gets stained, you may not need to worry because, with professional stone stain removal by Tile Cleaners, this problem can always be fixed. Our experts have experience in removing any type of stain you can imagine from all kinds of stone tile surfaces. Our experts always factor in the kind of stone tile surface you have because each stone has its distinctive attributes. Then we identify the type of stain in order to determine the most effective treatment. A stain can be water-based such as some paints, alcohol-based like marker, pen, spirits or wine, oil-based from grease or cooking oil, organic like juice, milk, tea, coffee or cosmetics, or natural such as lichen, mold or mildew. At Tile Cleaners we can provide stone stain removal for any form of staining including red wine stains, oil and grease marks, residual grout stains, lime-based stains, cement films, plaster stains and common grime.

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