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Bay Area Terracotta Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaners provides scrubbing, stripping, and cleaning to remove sealant and dirt from your terracotta tile floor by restoring the appearance of the floor. Our professionals are equipped with all the necessary skills to provide you world class terracotta tile cleaning service.

Terracotta tiles are made from brown and red clays, and they are also a type of ceramic. In the manufacturing of terracotta tiles, the raw material is shaped into the desired tile design and then they dry it to complete the process. The whole manufacturing process makes the terracotta tile hard and durable which allows it to serve as flooring. Terracotta is also known for being waterproof but they do soak water when they are unsealed.

Terracotta Tiles Cleaning

Tile Cleaners take pride in maintaining your terracotta floors by providing expert services. The cleaning and restoration process is a vital part of maintaining the natural beauty of the floor. When treated with full attention and care terracotta tile flooring is stain resistant, maintainable, durable, and absorb warm temperature. Our expert tile cleaners are capable using advanced technology for removing any stains on your floor.

How To Clean Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles Sealing

Terracotta tiles need sealing after installation and our team of experts will also provide you with a variety of sealer that is suitable for your floor. As these tiles have rusty appeal normally, therefore we recommend old sealant.

Terracotta Tiles Restoration Process

We provide you in-depth knowledge to refurbish and restore your terracotta flooring. It is necessary to restore the terracotta tile to its natural sparkling shine and beauty to enhance its appeal. Our restoration methods and techniques provide durability, stain free, and long-lasting results.

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