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Make your stone floors less prone to wear and scratches with specialized stone honing service by Tile Cleaners.

What is Stone Honing?

A honed surface means that the external layer of your natural stone floor has been ground to achieve an even, smooth, and leveled exterior. Stone honing is the procedure used to smooth out the natural stone tile floor with the help of abrasives. For stone tile floors with an original shine such as marble or granite, the luster or polish is removed while leaving behind a matte finish with edges or bumps and little to no reflection. Stone honing makes your stone surface looks natural and fairly permeable. After stone honing the color of the floor gets noticeably lighter as compared to a polished surface. Stone honing is usually recommended for floors, stairs, and other such areas that experience high foot traffic as stone honing will empower them to endure it effectively.

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Stone Honing By Tile Cleaners

At Tile Cleaners, we use diamond abrasives because they provide an enhanced quality cut and texture as compared to other practices used for stone honing. We mechanically resurface the stone tile floor with the use of diamond abrasives and water to deliver an evenly honed look of the floor. Under few circumstances, stone can be used to mechanically remove the existing polish from the surface of polished limestone, marble, travertine, and granite floors. Stone honing will take away all stains and scratches and it will also round off the edges to provide a further uniform look.

Many times, stone honing is all that your stone floor requires to gain back its remarkable appearance. Our stone honing can offer you a honed finish, which means that your floor will not need to be polished after stone honing. Instead of the polish, we make use of an abrasive concentrate that will leave your stone floor with a matte or satin finish.

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