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Tile Cleaners provide specialized cleaning & sealing solutions for marble floor, wall tiles, and other marble tile surfaces.

Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock produced by recrystallized carbonate minerals such as dolomite or calcite. Marble is advanced form of limestone, which is further compacted by the pressure and heat that recrystallized into marble as the transformation of minerals happen. This develops the veining and colours visible in the marble tiles. Marble tiles are required to be maintained in a grit-free condition in order to avoid scratching and damaging the surface of the tile. Constant foot traffic is a major reason behind the dullness of a polished marble floor and requires repolishing.

Marble Tile Cleaning by Tile Cleaners

Tile Cleaners are your marble cleaning, sealing, restoring, repairing, polishing, and maintenance experts. All kinds of marble floors and other marble tile surfaces require complete care and maintenance. The care and maintenance needs of your marble tile depend on where it is used whether it is a floor, wall, countertop or shower wall. If you have a polished marble surface, which has lost its lustre and splendour or require repair then Tile Cleaners can provide you with professional restoration services for your marble tile surface.

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Marble is a natural stone, which requires specialized care and maintenance. At Tile Cleaners, we are well aware about the unique features of marble and provide our clients with the professional care that your valuable marble tile surface deserves. Along with cleaning and sealing, we offer complete range of marble tile restoration services including marble floor stripping, marble tile grout cleaning, and sealing, marble tile grinding, honing, polishing, and marble tile repairing from damaged caused by cracking and chipping as well as damaged tile replacement. Tile Cleaners is the leading tile care service provider in California.

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