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Specialized tile sealing service by Tile Cleaners meets all your maintenance needs for tile surface and makes your daily tile cleaning easy.

Should You Seal the Tile or the Grout?

Tile Cleaners know that grout needs to be sealed for optimal results. Tile cleaning seals the surface of tile and grout, resisting fluid spills as well as making both surfaces last longer against wear and tear caused by grim or any other substance. Most stone tiles including marble, granite, slate, travertine, and others require tile sealing since stone tiles are normally penetrable and can retain fluid spills bringing about stains.

Much of your tile surface is generally covered by tiles, but the grout plays an important role as well. Grout is the component that is normally disregarded but vital for keeping the tiles in their place. While a few tiles may not need sealing, grout will in almost every case since it is normally porous and can get stained easily. Tile Cleaners offer both grout and tile sealing to make your tile surfaces look their best.

Tile Floor Sealing Service

When to Seal Tiles

If you have a tiled surface and it’s been some time since the last sealant was applied, you’ll need to reseal it. If your tile is outdoors, there are natural elements that will wear tiles out faster so they should be sealed more often than indoors which typically only needs to be done every couple of years. Additionally, grout in washrooms with no ventilation can undoubtedly separate because of exposure to humidity and moisture. Hence, if you notice loose or flaky tiles and grout during regular cleaning, it may be time for a professional sealing.

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