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Tile Cleaners specializes in travertine tile and grout cleaning, which will provide you with amazingly clean travertine tile surfaces.

Travertine is produced in mineral springs particularly around hot springs, underground rivers and in limestone caves. Travertine stone is a smooth and extremely hard substance mainly characterized by its porous surface. These pores are within the stone are formed as a result of gases escaping during the process of formation of travertine stone. By the time it is mined, travertine is a smooth and dense stone, which appears in an evident creamy colour.

Travertine Tile Cleaning by Tile Cleaners

Travertine is a distinct and multipurpose stone tile, which is appropriate for a broad range of ornamental styles. It can offer a rugged and rust appearance to a warm traditional charm to amazingly high lustre appeal. Your travertine floors, walls and other surfaces can become dull and appear cloudy, etched, chipped, scratched or cracked as they get old. Tile Cleaners can restore your damaged travertine tile surfaces which will not only make them look better but they will appear as good as new.

Best Cleaner For Travertine Tile

Unfilled travertine with its naturally variable texture and intrinsic pores can be mainly challenging because with time dirt gets to penetrate in the craters and low points. With Tile Cleaners, you must not worry anymore because we can take out deeply penetrated dirt, strip away build-up of unappealing topical treatments, eliminate soap films in the showers, and address a broad spectrum of various cleaning concerns associated with travertine tile surfaces, bringing back its natural appeal.

Travertine Tile Sealing

Once we have cleaned your travertine floors, walls and other travertine surfaces, we highly suggest getting your travertine tiles sealed in order to secure them from any further discolouration. Considering the fact travertine is originally permeable, which means that it can quickly absorb any staining agent in case of a spill. Tile Cleaners offer professional sealing to protect your travertine floors and other surfaces from staining.

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