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Specialized tile regrouting service by Tile Cleaners assures a transformed fresh look of your tile surfaces and also saves you from any irreparable damage.

Efficient Regrouting With Appropriate and Premium Grout

When it comes to tile regrouting, Tile Cleaners make use of only best grade grout to provide you with optimum bond and low absorption rate of harsh cleaning substances. This means that your tile regrouting will last even longer and it can be conveniently maintained with regular cleaning. Grouts come in a number of kinds and it is extremely important to use the one that is most suitable if you wish to have premium quality, prevent expensive repairs in the future and enjoy long-lasting outcome of tile regrouting. The different kinds of grout have variable structure and functionality and that is why it is important to have a professional for tile regrouting in order to decide the most suitable grout to be used for a surface with specific tiles. Before tile regrouting, our professionals at Tile Cleaners always make sure to remove contaminants, moisture and dirt particles from the area so that tile regrouting can stick in the best manner and assures durability.
Regrouting Bathroom Tiles

When a Tile Regrouting Is Required

The decision to have a tile regrouting is mostly dependent on the reason for the problem. Tile Cleaners can proficiently recognize the reason for fissured or broken grout to consider the required method for restoration. It is possible to have options other than regrouting and we always provide you with other options however, under the following circumstances, it will be necessary to have to regrout. Moisture seeping or even flowing through broken grout can be actually harmful and can become the reason for permanent or costly damage to the area.

  • There is persistent mildew
  • Tiles are about to come off or already off
  • Grout is breaking and flaking off particularly in humid spaces such as sinks, showers, baths, etc.
  • Grout in between the tiles is completely lost
  • Grout stays stained and dull even after deep cleaning

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