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Make your stone floors less prone to wear and scratches with specialized stone honing service by Tile Cleaners.

What is Stone Honing?

A honed surface means that the external layer of your natural stone floor has been ground to achieve an even, smooth, and leveled exterior. Stone honing is a process used to make any faults in stones more visible before polishing so they don’t show after being polished. Stone is an excellent choice for flooring, but it can take a lot of work to keep stone looking great. Stone honing makes your surface look natural and fairly permeable. After stones are honed the color of the floor gets lighter than polished surfaces will be after they have been buffed out. Honing stone is usually recommended for areas that experience high traffic as this process will empower them to endure foot-wear much better over time.
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Stone Honing By Tile Cleaners

Our diamond abrasives are the perfect way to make your stone floors look as good as new. We use an innovative process that mechanically resurfaces and makes for a durable, even finish on your stone. Under few circumstances, you can use stone honing to mechanically remove the polish from floors. Stone honing will take away all stains and scratches—it’s perfect for those who want a clean, uniform look to their floor! It’s so easy to get your stone floor back in tip-top shape! With just a few quick steps, you’ll be able to restore the beauty of any stained or scratched surface. Sounds like a relief for weary homeowners who can’t seem to find time for cleaning and polishing every day.

Many times all it takes is some honing on your stone tiles before they are restored with their dazzling shine again. Our team will use an abrasive concentrate that leaves surfaces matte or satin finished, which means no more polish is needed after our work either.

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