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With Tile Cleaners services, it is possible to restore the original beautiful look of terrazzo flooring. With our expert cleaning and restoration methods, we produce spectacular results in no time.

Terrazzo is a versatile solid surface material which was invented in the 15th century. Terrazzo is made up of marble chips embedded into a cement base, and coated with a topical sealer. Although the modern terrazzo is made up of several materials and polished without coatings, the art of installing is the same. Normally terrazzo flooring is made up of Portland cement as its base, the combined with any kind of aggregate to provide its unique look.

Terrazzo Flooring Cleaning

Terrazzo is a beautiful and attractive substitute for natural stone flooring that is cost-effective as well. The bend of marble chips with cement results in a stunning sparkling floor covering. In tiled or solid patterns, terrazzo produces a sparkling shine and high gloss to complement any home décor.
This happens most of the time that sealers and polish begin to wear, and wax starts to appear yellow. Spots, stains, and other damages such as scratches and gouges may appear after some time. The spots and stains can distract the beauty of your floor, so it is necessary to maintain your terrazzo flooring with special care and attention. This is where you need Tile Cleaners because our experts are highly trained in cleaning any kind of terrazzo flooring with unique cleaning methods and techniques.

Best Cleaner For Terrazzo Floors

Restoration of the Terrazzo Flooring

With our team of experts and their expertise, it is possible to restore the terrazzo flooring into its original appearance. We use the latest methods and techniques for stripping wax and then cleaning and fixing out stained and damaged areas to produce amazing results in less time.

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