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Stone Polishing

Re-establish the natural glow of your stone tile surfaces and floors with the stone polishing service by Tile Cleaners.

Why You Need Stone Polishing?

It is very common for natural stone surfaces such as granite, limestone, marble and other stone tile floors to become dull as they get old. Every natural stone tile surface needs consistent cleaning along with stone polishing and sealing in order to sustain their original appearance. The main objective of polishing natural stone such as marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and terrazzo is to refine the crystals in the surface of these natural stones to reinstate an external luster. Without regular stone polishing the crystals in a previously polished stone surface will become dull and the existing natural stone polish will start to fade away. The crystals in the stone tile surface tend to reflect light to create an external shine. When these crystals wear down from deposits of soil and dirt from high foot traffic, there is a need for stone polishing. Stone polishing equipment and cleaning products by Tile Cleaners provides you with efficient stone polishing, which allows these crystals to reflect light consistently for a bright shine.

How We Do It?

The stone polishing procedure removes deeply embedded stains on your stone tile surface such as minute scratches and etch marks. These are the major reason behind the dull looking stone tile surface. Stone polishing is defined as applying an extraordinary reflective texture on the exterior of your stone tile surface. For stone polishing, we use super refined abrasive concentrates and also offer super refined diamond abrasive disc or polishing pads. During stone polishing, we remove the microscopic deposits from the exterior of your stone tile surface. This can only be accomplished by using the cycles of multiple level diamond grits in an accurate sequence. Always consider hiring qualified and well-versed craftsperson from Tile Cleaners to carry out stone polishing.

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