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Grout Color Sealing

Keep your grout lines as fresh as new and sanitized for many years with specialized grout color sealing by Tile Cleaners.

What is Grout Color Sealing?

Grout is an extremely permeable surface, which can absorb moisture along with dirt, bacteria and grease. A lasting solution to this problem is grout color sealing on tile surfaces especially in kitchens and bathrooms and other areas. Grout color sealing must not be confused with other grout paints and stains cleaners. It does not only transform the color of grout but also act as a sealant. This color sealer is itself a distinct acrylic resin color seal, which encompasses an improved epoxy-based sealing agent. It offers the maximum grade of shield against stain and highly minimizes the need for maintenance to retain the fresh look and consistency of the grout. It contains concrete strengthening agents such as silica powder, which is known to be one of the most durable substances available. It comes with integral fungicides, which prevents the further growth of fungus, mould or bacteria for many years to come. Also, it does not flake or peel off and is resistant to stain.

Advantages of Grout Color Sealing

Grout color sealing will improve the stability, magnificence and sanitization of the grout lines as well as makes the further maintenance of grout line much convenient and effective. Grout color sealing serves as a protective layer, which is waterproof and stain resistant and also maintains the hygiene of the area for many years to come. As compared to other penetrating sealers, grout color sealing by Tile Cleaners lasts ten times longer. We perform grout color sealing after a thorough cleaning of your grout lines. We offer this epoxy based grout colourant, which comes with warranty of several years against flaking, fading, chipping, or cracking. We can lighten, darken or completely change the color of your grout lines with grout color sealing available in a broad range of colors.

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