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Specialized tile sealing service by Tile Cleaners meets all your maintenance needs for tile surface and makes your daily tile cleaning easy.

Should You Seal the Tile or the Grout?

When it comes to tile sealing, many people may think that only grout needs to be sealed but only professionals like Tile Cleaners can inform you that both parts of a tile surface, the tile, and the grout requires sealing. Tile sealing is done to fortify the defense of tile and grout against the liquid spills, grime and wearing down of grout. There are some tiles, which may not need tile sealing such as ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. Most of the stone tiles such as marble, granite, slate, travertine, and others require tile sealing because stone tiles are naturally permeable and can absorb liquid spills resulting in easy staining.

Major area of your tile surface is usually covered by tiles but the grout has its equal importance. Grout is the area, which is usually ignored but this is the substance, which keeps the tiles in their place. While some tiles may not require tile sealing but grout always needs sealing because it is naturally permeable and can get stains real quick. Tile Cleaners offer both grout and tile sealing to make your tile surfaces look best.

Tile Floor Sealing Service

When to Seal Tiles

If it has been years since the completion of tile job then it will definitely require tile sealing. In case you tile surface is in an outdoor space, there will be multiple elements, which will possibly wear down you previous tile sealing sooner and it will need to be resealed. Most of the time tile floor installers do not seal the grout right away because it needs to be set at first. Also, grout in bathrooms with no ventilation can easily break down due to exposure to high humidity and moisture. Therefore, if you observe loose tiles or grout flaking off with regular cleaning then it the time to get tile sealing.

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