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Tile Cleaners offer specialized tile and grout cleaning and sealing solutions for limestone tile floors and surfaces.

Limestone has a distinct and natural look. It is a grainy rock, which is formed in the depth of the ocean. Limestone is made up of calcified shells, molluscs and aquatic faunas. The remains that build up preserves these organisms into fossils. Over millions of years, pressure and heat result into a chemical reaction that transforms these deposits into limestone. In its natural state, it is white but colours can be added to the limestone.

Limestone Tile Cleaning by Tile Cleaners

Limestone is vulnerable to dullness, abrasions, discolouration and etching. It can also get damaged because of chipping or cracking. Limestone cleaning and restoration procedures may vary according to the condition of the surface and the kind of dirt or oil that needs to be removed. Tile Cleaners offer professional maintenance needed to preserve the honed or polished appearance of limestone tile floors and other surfaces. Limestone tile floors look best with a hone appearance or low to medium lustre.

Limestone Tile Cleaner And Sealer

Limestone Tile Sealing

Once Tile Cleansers have cleaned and restored your limestone floors, walls and other limestone surfaces, it highly recommended to get them sealed in order to improve their stain resistance. Limestone tiles are naturally permeable. If left unsealed, any spill of a coloured or reactive liquid can cause staining on your limestone tile surface. Stain removal from a limestone surface can be a time consuming and expensive process. Getting your limestone tile sealed will provide it with a cost-effective and preventative measure against stain damage.

Tile Cleaners Limestone Services

Tile Cleaners can strip, clean and professionally seal your limestone tile surface whether it is in outdoor area such as your backyard or around the swimming pool, or in your kitchen, shower, or any hard to reach area. We offer limestone cleaning and sealing along with limestone tile grout cleaning, limestone stripping, grinding, honing and polishing.

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